Tony Kranz and Catherine Blakespear will see Pacific View through

Pacific View Activation Plan Subcommittee meets Monday (click to see story below)

Encinitas mayoral candidate Tony Kranz was the primary architect of the city’s purchase of Pacific View.

Encinitas mayoral candidate Tony Kranz was the primary architect of the city’s purchase of Pacific View.

In next month’s crucial election, Encinitas Deputy Mayor Tony Kranz is running for mayor and Catherine Blakespear is a candidate for the open seat on the Encinitas city council.

If, like us, you dream of present and future generations enjoying the Pacific View site, both Kranz and Blakespear certainly deserve your vote.

The dramatic last-minute rescue of our historic Pacific View property from the clutches of developers would not have happened without the vision, political know-how and bold leadership of Kranz on the city council.

Blakespear repeatedly championed Pacific View in appearances before the Encinitas City Council and the Encinitas Union School District Board of Trustees.

Kranz and Blakespear are the only candidates who unreservedly advocated the Pacific View purchase and they’re still working tirelessly to make it happen. They remain committed to seeing this treasured blufftop site reach its fullest community potential.

There are still those who vocally oppose the city’s purchase of Pacific View and would like to see it fail. Nearly all the city council votes that enabled us to buy Pacific View passed by the narrowest of margins, 3 to 2.

Encinitas City Council candidate Catherine Blakespear's logical and enthusiastic advocacy of Pacific View in front of the school board and city council helped close the deal.

Encinitas City Council candidate Catherine Blakespear’s logical and enthusiastic advocacy of Pacific View in front of the school board and city council helped close the deal.

The makeup of the city council will change after the election, and it’s vital that our pro-Pacific View majority remain intact to shepherd this complicated acquisition to its conclusion. After the purchase is completed, Kranz and Blakespear will ensure that the public’s wishes for Pacific View are fulfilled and that its financial foundation is sound.

In the big picture, both Kranz and Blakespear are longtime Encinitas locals who stand for the things that most of us want– preservation of our community’s unique character, improving our roads and infrastructure, transparent and participatory government, and leadership with integrity.

Kranz and Blakespear have already proved that they run much deeper than just platitudes and slogans– they actually know how to make the right things happen, expertly navigating through a local and regional system that can be maddeningly slow, frustrating and illogical. relied on Kranz and Blakespear’s support and advice during the pivotal citizen-fueled email campaign that helped turn events around earlier this year, and we continue to count on them as the twists and turns of this purchase process continue.

In a compelling endorsement of Kranz and Blakespear, Encinitas City Councilmember Lisa Shaffer writes “I support Tony Kranz for Mayor and Catherine Blakespear for Council based on their competence, commitment, and collaborative capacity.” Her complete thoughts are worth reading here. urges you to vote for Tony Kranz for mayor and Catherine Blakespear for city council. We need them to see Pacific View through.

Tony Kranz for Encinitas Mayor website

Catherine Blakespear for Encinitas City Council website

Pacific View Activation Plan Subcommittee meets Monday at noon

In other Pacific View news, members of the public are invited to speak at the City Council Pacific View Activation Plan Subcommittee meeting at Encinitas City Hall this Monday, October 6th at 12:00 p.m.

The subcommittee consists of councilmembers Teresa Barth and Lisa Shaffer, who will follow up on Kranz and Shaffer’s five-point interim use plan approved September 17. Their plan suggests participation from staff and interested parties, as well as evaluation criteria for submitted proposals and a “long-term visioning” path for Pacific View. The original Kranz/Shaffer plan can be viewed here.

Barth and Shaffer will also begin addressing the issues related to financing and zoning before the October 22 council meeting, when councilmembers will choose between taxable or non-taxable bonds to buy the site.

A memo to the subcommittee from the city’s bond counsel Best Best & Krieger recommending taxable bonds can be found here, a PowerPoint presentation designed for the meeting is here, and the meeting agenda is here. will stay on top of developments and send email updates when new Pacific View events occur. You’re also invited to stay up-to-date on Pacific View news by joining the email list here. Your name and email address will only be used by The SavePacificView story as told by local media can be read here.

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The discussion about what we’d all like to see happen at the Pacific View site has begun in earnest.

You and your friends are invited to have your say and Share Your View on the website. You can login there directly or use your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ ID to post and comment. Your input is much appreciated, and essential to helping create a place that can be enjoyed for generations to come.


The historic Pacific View property as it appears today.

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