Encinitas Planning Commission hearing on Pacific View this Thursday, February 21

Volunteers at a Pacific View Weekend Cleanup enthusiastically cleaned windows that hadn’t been touched in years.

The Encinitas Planning Commission will deliberate a Pacific View redevelopment proposal by the Encinitas Arts, Culture & Ecology Alliance (EACEA) this 6:00 p.m. this Thursday evening, February 21 at Encinitas City Hall.

EACEA has been working on a provisional basis to transform the former elementary school into a cultural center after being chosen by the Encinitas City Council in September, 2015 to administer the site.

The non-profit group, a consortium of diverse interests in Encinitas, hopes that the commission will approve its proposal, which will then open the door for EACEA to finalize a lease for the property.

EACEA is encouraging Encinitas residents to attend the meeting to show their support, and to send emails expressing agreement with the proposal. On February 14, EACEA board members sent the following letter to supporters:

Dear Neighbors and Friends of Pacific View, 

The Encinitas Arts Culture & Ecology Alliance (EACEA) is in the final stretch of redevelopment for the future use of the former Pacific View Elementary School located at 608 3rd Street, Encinitas (APN:258-22-00). EACEA has maintained this former school site for the past several years while planning and working with the City of Encinitas on the redevelopment of the site into the Pacific View Academy of Arts (PVAA). 

On Thursday, February 21 at 6pm, the Encinitas Planning Commission will hold a hearing to consider the proposed redevelopment of the vacant elementary school site into the nonprofit PVAA. PVAA has been designed by EACEA with the vision to provide a venue for a various local artists and musicians to teach, gather and display art along with providing opportunities for community events, performances and other cultural activities for Encinitas with limited impacts on surrounding neighborhoods. Please see for more details on the vision for PVAA. 

Upon approval by the Encinitas Planning Commission, EACEA can finalize the lease with the City and begin to improve the site and operate PVAA as a vibrant, self-sustaining community arts, culture and ecology education center serving the entire Encinitas community. We hope you will get involved in this amazing project!

Please feel free to follow up with any questions about the PVAA redevelopment and future programming. This is a true grass-roots community project that relies on dedicated community ambassadors to help spread the word. 

Thank you for your support! 

Warm Regards from the 2019 Encinitas Arts, Culture & Ecology Alliance Board of Directors,

John DeWald, Kay Colvin, Steve Barilotti, Carolyn Cope, John Humphrey, Bob Nichols, Danny Salzhandler

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