Save Pacific View: After the Sale, In Your Words


Your “Thank You For Saving Pacific View” emails went to the Encinitas Union School District Superintendent, school district board members and each Encinitas City Council member. Here’s a selection of your comments from the 152 emails that were sent:

“You have absolutely no idea how much this decision means to me and the rest of the community.
My baby girl was born on Friday morning (same day I got the email informing me about the decision.) I am absolutely ecstatic to know that she will be growing up with the PV property as community space. This means the world to me. Thank you for working together and exemplifying that community leaders truly care about the well-being of community members. Much love.”

  • Thank you to everyone who helped to save Pacific View. What a great gift for Encinitas.
  • Dear History Makers,
    This was quite a challenge but due to your strength of character and diligence, we succeeded in passing on this wonderful legacy for many generations to come! We appreciate you all….A grateful community says, Well Done! Inspired.
  • Thanks for your tenacity!
  • We need more art & culture, not more development! We need places for children & parents to place their hands on thing creative: art, music, plants, soil, earth, water, more of true life! May you all be well blessed by your actions to consider the constituent over the powers of greed, money and influence. Once again thank. Please call on me if ever I can help!
  • Thanks again for making  the Pacific View School part of the community. The will of the people will  prevail in making the purchase worth every pennie that was spent on it. thanks.
  • We all have won with this purchase of Pacific View. The vision of an art center can make Encinitas a location needing to see. Commerce and visual art will be successful in the end. Federal, State, City, and County funding can be made available if our community wishes to truely want something significant.
  • Thank you for listening to us! Working together we can get important things done and now we have a chance to celebrate the power of art! Whether on the creating or receiving end – art changes lives, opens minds and hearts and builds a better community! The sky is wide open for greatness over Pacific View! Thank you!!!
  • Yeeeewwww!!!
  • Thank you for your efforts in coming together to keep Pacific View in public hands.  Ten years ago I walked the streets of downtown Encinitas with my then 4 year old daughter, distributing flyers about the demise of the PV property.  Our daughter is now 14 years old and last month she said to me “…why do you keep working on this?  It’s been like 10 years….”.    Needless to say, the events of the last two weeks have given both myself and her the answer.  Your perseverance and willingness to change paths even in the final hour are commendable.  Pacific View is a piece of the heart & soul of our community.  Something we need to protect. Thank you for listening.
    I know we are not out of the woods, but after so long there is a relief in that we can move forward while working together.
    With loads of Gratitude.
  • As I said before, this declaration to save this property for our wonderful town will be remembered by all of us who care about the future of Encinitas.  An important legacy for this city council.  Thank you!   I would be happy to he support events to possibly raise funds to offset expenses .  Keep me on your list.
  • Having attended Pacific View as a child, this decision by the city and school board is very heart warming. It means so much to know this space will be preserved for not only my son but generations to come…
  • Thank you sooo much for saving PV!! I got to go to kindergarten there in 1962, and both of my kids got to go there  K-6. We have such great memories there. Thanks again
  • I am a lifelong Cardiff-Encinitas resident who is currently pursuing a musical career in Nashville.  I am thrilled to see the Pacific View property being preserved for public use. Encinitas holds a dear spot in my heart (as well as being home to most of my family!), and I hope to return to my beloved community someday. Thank you for thinking of future generations with this investment!
  • Abundant thanks from a former student.
  • Thank you to the City of Encinitas for what appears to be a job WELL DONE! Preserving the character and charm of our town.
  • You have restored my faith in the democratic process and the fact that our council actually considered the wishes of
    the residents of our great little city! Thank you for helping keep the wonderful character of Encinitas and for preserving this property for years to come for our children and grandchildren! And thank you also to the city council members and school board members who took the time to respond to our letters to save the property!
  • Yeah!! Good job hanging in there.
  • Although I  may  never  make  it  back  to  Encinitas,  it  sure  makes  me  happy  that Pacific  View  will  NOT  end  up  as  condos.   Pacific  View Elementary  was, for  me, a  HUGE  factor  in  making  me  the  kind  of  person  that I  am  today. It’s  my  history,  as  well  as  so  many  others.  Thank  you  for  preserving  it  for us!
  • I am particularly pleased that throughout the negotiations the issue of keeping the Old Schoolhouse on the site has always remained a condition of the sale and that, with the transfer of ownership to the City, its future remains secure.
  • I’ve always hoped this would be the outcome, and I appreciate your work through this long and contentious process. I think this arrangement is a winning solution for both our school district (I’m a graduate and an involved parent!) and the greater community.
  • Thank you for heaping the ball in play. I realize it’s a long time and a lot of money until we see this envisioned state-of-art Arts Center, so I support you wholeheartedly in this crucial first act. Whatever happens down the track, (most of) this city council showed amazing pride and vision for their city.
  • How encouraging that members of the city council and school board have looked to the future, and considered the quality of life in this community. Thank you
  • You guys are great!  It’s wonderful to see democracy in action. When leaders listen to their constituents wonderful things can happen.
  • Bravo!
  • You have all come a long way and the finish is within reach. Keep up the good work.
  • You have made more people than you know happy.  Although not everyone attended the meetings I have many friends who did not want to see this gem leave the public domain.  So from me and my family and friends and future generations a great big thank you.
  • Long after the names of the people involved in this sale are forgotten, the magic of a new public open space will live on giving a gift to every member of the community. Its the greatest thing we can give our children and it maintains the intent of the original donation. The properly maintained space will increase property values enough to support the purchase price and operating costs of this land. Thank you for the efforts, please work to complete the negotiations.
  • Hurray Encinitas! It took integrity and resolve to do the right thing and you showed you have it. Thanks for making the right decision.
  • I have a great deal of respect for those of you that listen to the citizens of Encinitas and chose to put the Pacific View property in the hands of our city.
  • As a 19 year Encinitas resident with elementary aged children we are grateful for your decision to keep Pacific View in the public domain. I have walked by the property many times, hopeful the property will be put to good use for the community. My neighborhood and family were excited to learn the city has offered to purchase the property.  This is a historic decision.
  • Well Done!
  • I hope some future value can be shared between EUSD and the City for a lower price now.  The facility can hold fundraising concerts that could benefit EUSD as well as others.
  • I feel so shocked, impressed, grateful, happy and hopeful that our school board and city officials worked together on this important issue. It is a good example of compromise for our children and it keeps a treasure in the hands of the people.  Thank you to all who voted to make this happen. You should feel very proud of what you did for our community.  Now let’s turn PV in to something amazing! 🙂
  • Thank you for doing the best thing for the heritage (i.e., the long term) of our beautiful paradise-by-the-sea. Long after we are all gone from here, these decision-makers will be remembered for doing the right thing. Why does this seem to be such a rare thing in politics? Some people actually voted against this! I’m shaking my head. Thanks to those who voted this into happening.
  • Thank you! Thank you! What a relief PV will remain for the community. No matter what it becomes now I know the spirit will remain.
  • Legacy, heritage, history…most important decision you had to make was to save this site, Thank You!
  • You are making history!!! You are all heroes!!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!
  • As a member of the Encinitas Preservation Association, I am thrilled that the Old School House has a permanent home and that this property will serve the community.
  • Thank you all for making the saving of pacific view school happen! I know it took a lot of work and time. But I thank you from the bottom if my heart!
  • I am so excited for Encinitas to have something cool… like a Game Changers University for Entrepreneurs!
  • I can’t thank you enough for working together to keep this historic property in the hands of the community!  It was clearly not an easy path and many difficult decisions were made. I truly believe the community we all love so much will be better for this decision.  My best to you all.
  • THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOUUUUU!!!! My heart feels so warm inside. I am so thankful that we are able to hold on to PV as this serves so many peoples childhood memories who still heavily reside in Encinitas today. We can use PV as a place for something that will benefit our little town.
  • thank you, thank you, thank you. this is so important for the well being and spirit of the people in the community.  We will all enjoy the advantages of this property for years to come.  so important during these times when many are focused on development and making money. thank you for listening.
  • I am soo happy you decided to save pacific view. I am very glad I will be able to show my kids the place I went  to school. You guys got my vote next election as long as you stay cool.
  • We love our community and many of us work diligently for it.  This is a most significant step and we thank you for your efforts to improve it.
  • With great gratitude towards the Encinitas City council I thank you for saving a tangible symbol of my family’s life, of a wonderful community that has spanned a century, and of a special town where tourists and residents alike can dream a beautiful dream.
  • On June 6, 2007, unbeknownst to the public, until recently, when an appraisal report from nearly seven years ago was included in EUSD Agenda documentation for a Board of Trustees Meeting, EUSD received the ONLY appraisal that I have ever heard of being done through the District, for Pacific View.  This was BEFORE the District declared the property surplus in February of 2010.
    As I’ve said, that appraisal was also before the housing market more or less collapsed in September of 2008, but moreover, it was done under the extraordinary assumption that the property would be rezoned to mixed use.
    There was no condition that the Old Schoolhouse would remain on the property, as I recall. But the other extraordinary assumption was that the property was being valued as a trade, not for fair market value and a selling price.
    The amount of the 6/6/07 appraisal was $13.5 Million. That outdated, different zoning appraisal report is what Superintendent Baird and probably the City have relied upon, NOT any “inside information.” All speculation and rumors about whether or not ANY actual bids were submitted is pure conjecture.
    The City is overpaying, almost three times the ONLY relevant appraised value, in the current zoning, using local comps,in the current time frame. Because of that, and because Superintendents, since Doug DeVore, when the school closed, in June of 2003, have maintained the District does NOT want a one time injection of funds, but a revenue stream, the District should attempt to do damage control and carry the entire loan at ZERO percent interest, for 30 years. Then the District would get a 30 year revenue stream.
    Past Superintendents, City Managers, Boards of Trustees and Council Members acted with malfeseance in not acknowledging the Naylor Act and at least offering or considering purchase of 30% of the property at 25% of the fair market value, BEFORE the playing fields were paved over, when the Board and Council, in 2003, early 2004, initially determined to lease Pacific View, signed by Kerry Miller and Doug Devore on 2/2/04.  Open space should NOT have been disposed of, without taking into account the Naylor Act.
    Now, current Superintendent Baird and City Manager Vina have acted with malfeasance in releasing confidential closed session information, the irrelevant higher appraisal, in Vina’s case, which used Wishire Blvd., Los Angeles comps, which are NOT “ocean view,” throwing off the “curve,” and Superintendent Baird’s releasing the City’s confidential $4.3 Million opening bid of one million over the higher appraisal, in the case of EUSD, when the Superintendent improperly ended negotiations and went to the press, despite a promise, through the closed session ad hoc subcommittees for exclusive negotiations for at least six months, which timeline had NOT been met.
    Both Baird’s and Vina’s violations of the Brown Act have prejudiced the City, specifically the taxpayers, preventing us from being able to negotiate a more reasonable price. Once again, the higher appraisal should NEVER have been accepted, much less released. Once it’s determined that price and terms will be discussed in closed session, then all of Council, or all of the Board of Trustees, or both, if the closed sessions are between joint ad hoc subcommittees, as in this situation, should have agreed to release of information provided in closed sessions.
    Tim Baird, Gus Vina and Council Member Lisa Shaffer all violated the Brown Act and hurt the taxpayers by doing so. Only Lisa Shaffer has apologized.
    EUSD FAILED to comply with Education Code; it didn’t declare the property surplus until February of 2010, and didn’t thereafter notice its intent to dispose until the next month, when Baird officially changed the past superintendents’ “tune” from, the Naylor Act doesn’t apply because PV’s going to be traded “down the line,” to, now it doesn’t apply because it’s too late!
    The public is being overcharged, while we are informed in the Coast News, that Superintendent Baird, as part of management for EUSD, will be getting a 2.5% raise over his $200,000 per year salary, $6,000 life insurance policy and numerous other benefits he receives, because management’s raises are, by policy, tied to raises for union teachers and classified employees.
    For both the City of Encinitas, and EUSD, management is grossly overpaid, and is in violation of the Brown Act; you are not upholding the public trust with integrity, and good judgment.  Again, we are grateful the City will be purchasing Pacific View, so that it can remain in the public domain for a community art and learning center. Please negotiate terms so that the District will benefit from a thirty-year revenue stream, through EUSD and the City’s mutually agreeing to a thirty-year term of repayment, at zero percent interest, with the District carrying the loan.
  • Thank you sooo much!! As a former student it makes me very happy to know that the property will be preserved for generations to come.
  • thank you Sir, you have done a great thing, in years to come kids growing up in Encinitas will be better for this…..
  • While I am not an Encinitas local, I am a SoCal native and have been saddened by the over-development of many areas of our coast. HATS OFF for saving this swath of sacred ground for your community instead of taking a pay-off from some carpetbagging corporate developer looking to make money off your city. Mahalo!
  • This comes with deep sincere appreciation to all the illustrious leaders in our city, both elected and non elected, who passionately advocated for the preservation of this historical and sentimental site. In my opinion, it may be one of the most significant purchases the city has made for the benefit of the citizens.  Thank you for listening and acting on behalf of all of us who treasure the Pacific View site.
  • Words do not express my thanks for doing the Right Thing…..
  • It is uplifting to know that as a community we can all work together and save a piece of precious historic property for all to enjoy.  Thank you to everyone who came together to make Pacific View site a reality and not just a memory.
  • thank you!  our children thank you!
  • Thank you very much for listening not only to the voices of the locals whom love our great coastal city, but also to your own hearts which clearly love it just the same. Good Work!
    If Congress was filled with people whom acted like you- then our country would be in a significantly better place.
    Thank you for for courageous decision and saving the beautiful location for the following generations.
  • A big thanks for Scott Chatfield et all for his inspired intervention.
  • I am proud of your community effort; each of you has proved that together we go farther.  Your service to the people is appreciated from our hearts and far beyond. Please call upon us as the citizens of this coastal region to help create ways to finance and use the property to the greatest community benefit.  Many of us are “products” of public schools.  Indeed I am an architect today because of the great public education I garnered in the San Dieguito School District.  Let me know what I can do in conjunction with other architects, planners, artists, activists and professional organizations to develop the plans Pacific View.
  • Thank you to the public servants who put their heads together to negotiate this outcome. And the activists who encouraged them. Now the community can pitch in with rolled-up sleaves and fundraising to turn Pacific View into an arts venue worthy of present and future generations.
  • The fact that our community was listened to makes me proud to live here. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you so much!! I am proud to be born and raised in Encinitas!!!
  • This is a tremendous “win” for everyone.  I and the community will be ever grateful for keeping this exquisite property in the public domain.  It is here that my daughter learned to ride a bike, and now her daughter will be able to do the same.
    Thanks to all that contributed to this outcome.
  • One act of goodness over the ever present acts of greed in our society, whether it is saving the life of a defenseless fetus in a mothers womb, or saving a beautiful piece of property for the love of our kids and our community will always be remembered with love through out eternity. When we grow old, if we are so lucky to enjoy that epoch of our lives, maybe one of our precious kids that has benefited from this generous, and compassionate decision will be the doctor at your bedside that remembers how you graciously modeled generosity of spirit and love for the future generations of our precious community and in turn he/she will use those qualities that you taught them to care for you, in their lives work and pass it on to the next generation. This gift will live on forever.
  • Can’t thank you enough for saving this treasured piece of land, to be enjoyed by many generations to come!
  • Thank you for your diligence in saving the Pacific View School for the citizens’ benefit. We have fought long enough and hard enough to save this historical property which illustrates the charm and allure of  “Old Encinitas.” I will be watching the progress of this transfer and my ballot will reflect my opinion.
  • Thanks.  Good to keep the property to be used in the best interests of the people of Encinitas.  Nice work.
  • I know we can come up with something that benefits all concerned. Thank you for caring about the preservation of the character of Encinitas!
  • This is Amazing News!!!! Thank you for all of you hard work!!!
  • Special thanks to Council Members Barth, Schaeffer, and Kranz!
  • This is so wonderful thank you for saving Encinitas history!!!!
  • Pacific View property is significant to the deepest values of the people of Encinitas for education, culture and preservation of our community.
  • Thank you in advance for your work.
  • We, the people of Encinitas, due to everyone’s stepping up to the plate over and over, for years, and then the bold and visionary courage of our City Council at the 11th hour, and the School Board’s decision to keep the conversation open, retained the land upon which we can come together and build our own cultural arts center to be shared with the entire region, for years to come.
    Yes. We did it. Thank you SavePaciricView. It DID make the difference. This was a miracle in the making. So looking forward to the community making art together.
  • thank you for doing the right thing!
  • Thanks for all you are doing! I attended school here K-5 and lived near by for 18 years! It has a special place in my heart and I love to walk thru it when I am in the area. Hopefully now many more will be able to enjoy this ideal location and historical site!
  • Good work. PV provided our daughter 7 wonderful years of great education by wonderful teachers. Lots of times this type of effort doesn’t have a happy ending. This one did. Yeah!
  • Thank you for helping to preserve this location and along with the actual property, the thousands of heartfelt memories the students and parents have of Pacific View! My daughter enjoyed a magical, supportive education from kindergarten thru 6th grade.  I was lucky to serve as PTA President and class mother. Pacific View School was not just a “place”, it was a spirit. Thanks for the memories.
  • And, most of all…thank you for listening to the community’s concerns and taking action!
  • Thank you for working so diligently at keeping this unique heritage in our community!
  • I really appreciate that you have listened to the people who elected you to office to help reserve our wonderful town and not make it in to another Miami Beach!
  • I’m so pleased. Thank you for listening.
  • Pray you will use it for the interest of our children! I am a senior. But I love children. Wish we can give them best education including art and music!
    Thank you so very much!
  • Sent an E-Mail requesting a compromise, now sending a hardy Thank-You for saving this small token for future generations to appreciate.  I am willing to lend help in any capacity that I can.
  • Make love not war!
  • <3
  • This will be a great place for all of us.
    Thank you for the hard work.
  • I am so happy with this outcome! thanks for all the efforts!
  • This is such a significant thing you have done! My sincere thanks!
  • Thank you so much for your thoughtful process and advocacy throughout this ordeal.
    Our family is very grateful.
  • THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  We are thrilled with this decision!!!
  • Thank you so very much for saving this beautify legacy.
  • Thank you! As a 26 year Encinitas resident I’m thrilled we are not loosing this space to more development!
  • Thanks a lot for making possible the dream of so many people like me that we where hoping and wishing to keep the precious land of Pacific View.
    This is a legacy for futures generations that they are one day to know how was possible this dream come true.
  • As an Encinitas resident, artist, and child of artists, I thank you! I can’t wait to help.
  • I am so appreciative to my representatives for making this happen and to Save Pacific View for making our voices heard in a coordinated and constructive manner.
    I explained it all to my children today so they could understand the power of making your voice heard and learn a great example of multi group cooperation.  I am so proud to be part of this community at this time.
    Thank you so much to all!  You have my sincerest gratitude.  My faith in humanity is buoyed.
  • Pacific View holds a dear place in my heart and I am very happy that the city will not lose this little treasure. I do wish one day that the city will have the means to re-open Pacifc View as a school because it was such an enriching experience that the youths are missing out on.
  • ty, Ty, TY!
  • YES! As a 5 year learner at Pacific View (from 1961 to 1966); local Leucadian for 53 years; a forever friend with 2 of my surviving teachers from there and especially because I believe you all did the absolute right thing giving the City of Encinitas first right of refusal to the Pacific View property; generations of THANK YOUS be yours right next to J.S. Pitcher!
  • Thank you thank you thank you for saving this gem of a property for all to enjoy for a long time to come.  What a great legacy you leave.
  • It would be nice to see this space used as it was intended: A school. When other schools are getting rid of health, PE, the arts due to budget cuts. It would be nice to see a Charter School that centers around health and wellness for our youth. Teaching math, science, writing, and reading in a way that engages our students through music, art, surf, yoga, climbing wall, Pilates, Taekwondo and dance. A way for our students to learn about the food plate and apply what they learn, by having an organic garden, and culinary classes where they make their own lunches each day that have proper service size or proteins, dairy, veggies, fruits, and grains. The schools mission centered around health and wellness as well as the six pillars of character:
    T rustworthiness
    R espect
    R esponsibility
    F airness
    C aring
    C itizenship
    A school where community service is homework.
    Knowledge is power. This space was made for education, lets keep it that way.
  • It really feels good to be part of a community that cares and listens.  Thank you!
  • I am so pleased we are moving forward. Not only has a legacy been realized, but this gift to the community will last for generations and is something that reflects what Encinitas is all about, and what makes this such a special place to live.
  • Keeping Encinitas true to who we are! “True to This”
  • I’d love to see a communal gardening space where small lots can be rented for growing our own food.  Tough to grow a decent garden in an apartment space.