Community pitches in to rehab Pacific View, next volunteer cleanup Saturday, September 17


If measured in weeds pulled, trash picked, sidewalks swept, dumpsters filled and gallons of sweat per hour, the first official clean-up of Pacific View on August 13 was a raging success. Over 30 volunteers, including three Encinitas City Council members, a county supervisor and a former mayor, showed up get hands-on and hands dirty for over four hours. Headed up by Encinitas Arts, Culture and Ecology Alliance President Garth Murphy and EACEA landscape-committee head Joy Lyndes, with the invaluable help of Brad Roth of the Cottonwood Creek Conservancy who organized the tasks and work parties, the work party combed the perimeter of the 2.87-acre site, removing a dumpster’s worth of weeds, accumulated trash and rubble. Photo by Steve Barilotti.

The dream of a Pacific View Academy of Arts took a large step closer to realization on August 13 when, for the first time, public volunteers swarmed the blufftop site of the historic elementary school to begin a massive cleanup effort.

After that successful clean-up party, the Encinitas Arts Culture and Ecology Alliance has scheduled another volunteer work event for September 17. This Saturday-morning work party will focus on improving erosion control by re-installing the soil-retention fiber rolls on the school’s periphery. Brad Roth and Mark Wisniewski of the Cottonwood Creek Conservancy will lend their grading and soil expertise.

Volunteers will then move to the interior schoolyard to clean up the proposed garden space. They are encouraged to wear hats and use sun protection as well as bring garden tools, gloves, buckets and cleaning supplies. Work commences at 8:30 a.m. and all volunteers must sign a general release under EACEA’s Right Of Entry agreement.

To sign up for the September 17 cleanup party, contact Joy Lyndes:

EACEA spokesperson Steve Barilotti offered encouragement: “We’re hoping for a generous turnout as many hands make light work. Water, oranges and a good dirty time guaranteed!”

Reaching this stage in Pacific View’s revival has taken longer than expected. City and insurance requirements hampered EACEA’s efforts for several months. The organization is currently operating on an interim “Right of Entry” agreement with the city.

Encinitas City Council Member Tony Kranz, a primary architect of the city’s dramatic Pacific View purchase just before it was to be auctioned off to developers in 2014, said he hopes to see a final lease agreement brought before the City Council within a month. “It’s so exciting to see some life at Pacific View,” he exclaimed.

More Good News

Other positive Pacific View developments abound — several broken windows have been replaced by Encinitas Glass, and additional window repair is continuing.

The Encinitas Arts Culture and Ecology Alliance website is now up, and can now accept tax-deductible donations in addition to providing the latest information on this ambitious public effort.

More photos of the August 13 cleanup from Steve Barilotti:

02-encinitas-councilman-tony-kranz-and-supervisor-dave-roberts-pvs-cleanup-aug-13-2016 03-mayor-kristin-gaspar-pvs-cleanup-aug-13-2016 04-pvs-cleanup-aug-13-2016 06-pvs-cleanup-aug-13-201605-pvs-cleanup-aug-13-2016 stays on top of developments and sends email updates when new Pacific View events occur. You’re invited to stay up-to-date on Pacific View news by joining the email list here. Your name and email address will only be used by

Here’s the short video that helped Save Pacific View back in February, 2014:



The historic Pacific View property as it appeared before the City of Encinitas purchased it in 2014.

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