Pacific View ‘Activation Plan’ coming Wednesday

Encinitas City Manager Gus Vina

Encinitas City Manager Gus Vina

Pacific View supporters, especially those interested in renting space there for various projects and causes, are encouraged to participate in this Wednesday evening’s Encinitas City Council meeting at Encinitas City Hall.

At the September 17 meeting, Encinitas City Manager Gus Vina will present a four-phase outline of the steps he suggests to realize the Pacific View property’s interim and ultimate use. The discussion-only item is expected to generate input from councilmembers as well as members of the public.

Public input was essential to Pacific View’s purchase and remains so in these final weeks of the property’s acquisition.

Here is an excerpt from Vina’s report:

At the May 28, 2014 City Council meeting, the City Council discussed and approved the purchase agreement for the Pacific View School site. During the May/June budget hearings, the City Council discussed various financing options for the purchase of this property and as part of the June 11, 2014 FY14/15 Budget approval, the City Council authorized that staff move forward with the financing and purchase.

In anticipation of this financing and ultimate purchase of this property, staff is proposing the following activation plan phases for City Council consideration, discussion, and direction to staff.

Phase One: Complete the purchase of the property. It is important that prior to any activity on the school property that the City Council have the property under their complete control and after close of escrow. The financing and purchase is expected to be completed in October/November 2014.

Phase Two: Property cleanup and evaluation of structures. The Encinitas Union School District has agreed to clean out all of the buildings on the property. This cleanup will be completed prior to close of escrow and is anticipated to be complete by mid- October. It will be important that the condition of the remaining structures on the property be evaluated so that the City Council can decide whether these structures (some or all) will be reused or demolished.

Phase Three: Identification of interim uses. Staff is seeking City Council discussion and direction on interim uses at this property. Any ideas for interim uses that could result in private activity on the property will need to be evaluated for consistency with financing requirements.

Phase Four: Visioning or Concept Development. Staff is seeking City Council discussion and direction on how to proceed with the long-term vision for uses of the Pacific View property.

These four phases are proposed as general framework for discussion only and staff seeks City Council discussion, direction, addition or deletion of the steps identified above.


The City Council’s adoption of the FY14/15 Operating Budget included the financing plan for the purchase of the Pacific View School site and the replacement of the Marine Lifeguard Tower at Moonlight Beach. This financing will provide $13 Million with the sale of bonds, $10 Million for the Pacific View site and $3.0 Million for the Marine Lifeguard Tower.

Also included in the FY14/15 Operating Budget is $50,000 for anticipated maintenance requirements at the Pacific View site. The budget also included an estimated $733,000 per year, beginning in FY14/15, for debt service payments on the financing. This amount, or some portion of it, may be available for site cleanup/preparation as the first payment of the financing is not anticipated until FY15/16.

The Encinitas City Council meeting that will consider the Pacific View Activation Plan (Item 10B on the agenda) is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. this Wednesday, September 17, at City Hall in the Encinitas City Council Chambers, located at 505 South Vulcan Avenue in Encinitas. The purchase process is not yet complete, so Pacific View supporters are encouraged to stay engaged by attending or watching Encinitas City Council meetings online or on cable. The full meeting agenda can be seen here. will stay on top of developments and send email updates when new Pacific View events occur. You’re also invited to stay up-to-date on Pacific View news by joining the email list here. Your name and email address will only be used by The SavePacificView story as told by local media can be read here.

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The discussion about what we’d all like to see happen at the Pacific View site has begun in earnest.

You and your friends are invited to have your say and Share Your View on the website. You can login there directly or use your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ ID to post and comment. Your input is much appreciated, and essential to helping create a place that can be enjoyed for generations to come.


The historic Pacific View property as it appears today.

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