The Auction: Trustees & Councilmember Weigh In

( illustration using Google Maps)


February 18, 2014: Encinitas City Councilman Tony Kranz is working hard to stop the school district’s auction and allow this legacy property to continue to benefit the public. He’s sending this email to everyone who has mailed him a Save Pacific View message:

Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation about the Pacific View school site. I have been following this issue very closely for several years and had high hopes that, after my election to the City Council in 2012, the city could reach an agreement with the EUSD board to purchase the property, transferring stewardship of this historical place from one public agency to another.

However, after the city council established negotiations with EUSD and voted to make an initial offer (based upon recent appraisals), EUSD abruptly announced the property would be sold at public auction, without even the courtesy of making a counteroffer to the city. Instead EUSD has established a process that makes it almost impossible for the city to even participate in the auction.

Always the optimist, I’m still hopeful that EUSD will postpone the auction and re-engage in talks that will lead to a resolution of this matter so that the Pacific View site can remain public property. I think your email will help to encourage them to take that step.

old schoolhouse aloneI’ve attached a photograph from the Encinitas Historical Society archives stored at the Old Schoolhouse, which is currently on the southwest corner of the school site. The picture shows a westward view from about halfway up the hill at approximately East H Street. You can see in the foreground the railroad station and a couple buildings near what would later become the coast highway. In the upper left of the picture you can see the one room schoolhouse sitting on the land that was donated by J.S. Pitcher in 1883. The horizon of the Pacific Ocean is barely visible in the background.

The photograph is a wonderful representation of the legacy that the founders of this city left for us 120 years ago; what will we leave for the residents of this community 120 years from now?

Best regards,

Tony Kranz



February 17, 2014: EUSD trustee Maureen “Mo” Muir disagrees with selling the Pacific View property to the highest bidder and has issued a call to action, sent to those who voiced their concerns in a Save Pacific View email.

I’ve received your request for a more collaborative and cooperative effort to take place between the School District and City Council.  As a Trustee with the Encinitas Union School District, I share in your vision for this community asset to be utilized in a manner that protects the intent of Mr. Pitcher who donated the property for our children and public use.  As indicated by my statements and vote on this matter at school board meetings, I completely disagree with the policy platform my colleagues have taken (1-4) and their desire to move forward in a significantly different direction.

I encourage you all to not only write emails to our policy makers, but to attend our public meetings in order to participate in policy development and put a face on the written communications.

Thanks for your comments,

Maureen “Mo” Muir
Encinitas Union School District, Board Member



February 14, 2014: Encinitas Union School District trustees are not unanimous in the board’s decision to auction off the Pacific View property. Below is the response that district board member Carol Skiljan has emailed people who have sent her a Save Pacific View email.

Thank you for your email. The Encinitas Union School District closed the Pacific View school site in 2003.  Over the past ten years the District has worked diligently and in good faith with community members and the City of Encinitas in attempting to reach consensus for the disposition of the property.  It is the Board of Trustees’ responsibility to be fiscally prudent and responsible in the oversight of District assets to insure that the present level of quality education of its students is preserved and protected.

The District has exhausted all avenues and will be moving forward with the sale of the property in accordance with applicable government and education codes.  A chronological timeline of the history of Pacific View up until recent events can be found in the attachment [see below].  Supporting documents are also in this document. I hope you will take the time to read the document and see that the district has made numerous good faith efforts regarding this property

You will be glad to know that the district made it possible for the Encinitas Historical Society to relocate the original schoolhouse to the Pacific View property in 1989-90. Through the help of the school district and efforts by the EHS, the schoolhouse is fully restored. Local students take field trips to the school house and the monthly walking tours of historic downtown Encinitas start at the old schoolhouse. Be assured that it is the District’s intent that the purchaser of the PV property is subject to keeping the old schoolhouse on this site so that future students and residents can experience a view of Encinitas’ past.

Carol Skiljan
Encinitas USD Board Member

History of Pacific View Through January 2014