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      Judy A. Salinsky

      What I would like to see at Pacific View:

      Fine Art in these categories

      Adult Classes/Workshops at affordable or “Pay as you go”.
      Adult Classes for those in “Low-income”

      Sketch Days/Nights
      Poetry Day/Night
      Music Day/Night
      Dance Day/Night
      Modern movement for senior ex-dancers
      Modern movement for those who never took dance

      Retired musicians wanting to play again
      Drum/Rhythm classes

      Sculpture- Clay/ Glass Fusion
      Paper Making

      Basic Drawing
      Color Theroy
      Ink Drawng
      Asain Art

      Art/Music Therapy
      Art of Wounder Warriors
      (Vets government funded

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      Lynn Autumn

      Judy, you’ve got some wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing. I would also like to see opportunities for learning experiences in horticulture and landscape design, as well as opportunities for staging and planning small weekend weddings, which could be afforded through beautiful community gardens, also providing another revenue stream.

      When I go to the Del Mar Fair, some of my favorite places to cruise through are the small gardens created by talented exhibitors. I also love fine arts, graphic design, woodworking, and hobbies and crafts. There could be a kind of year round rotation in these fields at Pacific View.

      Also, Pacific View could be a fantastic venue, an opportunity for the public to see some of the artists at work; that would be wonderful. People would certainly be willing to pay a stipend not only to take classes, but also to take a tour of various artists creating their wonders. Artists could rent space, at a realistic rate.

      I also appreciate your idea about large storage lockers. Pacific View would be a great place for performers to practice, too. Our former neighbors were stilt walkers; they would practice on the streets, sometimes, and perform at various fairs and events. But I think Pacific View could provide a plethora of opportunities for so many. We can turn this magnificent location into a true jewel of creativity and community spirit.

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      I, personally, would love to see a performing arts theater on the property. Encinitas is woefully laking in theater space. I’m on the board of an Encinitas-based ballet outreach/non-profit and the studio is continually needing to go up to Oceanside (Star Theater) to find a space with adequate seating and stage dimensions to put on productions. Renting the space to community groups would create a revenue stream for the City. These productions support so many creative stagecraft arts including lighting and sound design, set-making, costume design, etc. Plus it’s a wonderful way to draw the community together for a shared experience. As an added benefit, it would also support downtown businesses as the theater patrons dine out before performances.

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