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      Steve Barilotti

      Given that there is no current funding to build a state-of-the-art arts center immediately, why not focus on what we do have and build from there? While there must be long-range planning and vision, there is no reason not to tap available assets on the site to start a limited number of cultural activities and create community buy-in and use within 2014. Chief existing assets are as follows:

      1) Adaptable Space (a whole city block)
      2) Existing structures (classrooms/offices/restrooms)
      3) Existing infrastructure (water, power, sewers, communications)

      A thorough survey would tell us which structures could be readily re-habbed and which should be slated and secured for removal. For a small amount of operating funds (which could be partially raised through a crowdfunding campaign like Kickstarter) we could clean up the existing space, making it safe and usable for immediate art and exhibition. Other temporary event spaces could be created using reusable tents, partitions and scaffolding as you would for any outdoor concert. The key word is adaptability. And fun!

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      Lynn Autumn

      Agree, Steve. Thank you for your great ideas. The existing classrooms and equipment on site should be surveyed and inventoried. The most logical process would involve rehabbing the classrooms, removing excess blacktop, and getting underway ASAP.

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      Steve Barilotti

      You’re welcome, Lynn. Sounds highly doable in the near term. I think this can happen if there is community buy-in across the board. People will take ownership of what they love and that means creating something tangible so we’re not waiting years for some magic-castle arts’ center to drop out of the sky. There is currently a functional, if neglected, school facility on the site and ample open space to create temporary event structures. Use it! I’ve been involved in the build-out of arts structures at Burning Man and Wanderlust where we started with zilch infrastructure and created a fully functioning and safe arts space within 24 hours. Perhaps some of that space can be designated for parking in the short term to lessen the impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

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      Patty Blackwell

      A disclosure of the income Encinitas Union School District has received from the businesses who have had access to the property during the time the school has been closed

      As a current income, property could be used as a paying parking lot during the summer and the many events held throughout the year.

      Business employees who park along the area could pay a monthly fee if they do not have the required parking spaces for their employees.

      A complete walk through the buildings as soon as possible to assess the condition of the buildings and the possibility of using the classrooms for
      Income during the interim.

      There is quite a lot of activity on the Pacific View Site in the past and especially since the sale pending to the City of a Encinitas. There should be a complete audit of the facility and any income received by the Encinitas School District since the closing of the school.

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      Steve Barilotti

      Hi Patty, paid parking sounds like an low-input way to start generating income in short order. Not sure of the city’s stance on that, however, because any time you involve vehicles there is a safety and liability issue. Also security for the cars while they are parked. Seems like you would need to hire staff to keep an eye on things. Wondering if the income would offset costs and still leave a net incoming cash flow for the arts center?

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      Patty Blackwell

      Thank you Steve for your response, the liability and rules for a pubic parking facility in the downtown area would have to be investigated. The whole lot is fenced in which would be a plus for the security. Perhaps a monthly pass issued to the businesses for the employees who are not provided a parking space. This may not generate a large amount of income but it would be a start during the interim while the existing buildings are inspected and worked on to upgrade them for use.
      As you stated a “Kickstarter” program to begin and involve the community and surrounding businesses. Parking in the area is one of the main problems for both the community and businesses in the area. I believe the businesses are to provide a parking space for every 300 square feet, these are for existing buildings and do not include new buildings.

      As I stated there were quite a few business using the school site for parking and use. The City has been informed of this and the exact amount the Encinitas School District received would be a good indication of the income this could generate.

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