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      Fred Caldwell

      I think the following things could be done to fast track Pacific View to once again become a healthy place of learning and desirable restoration to the community. It will take years before anything new will be approved and built, so meanwhile it should be revamped until further remodeling is eminent. Time is money and we have lots of space to work with!

      1. SECURITY: At local parks in Encinitas like Cottonwood Creek and Oak Crest Park, the city allows someone to live there in a trailer on site to deter theft and vandalism. I don’t know what duties the tenants currently have if any, but I imagine they are light if so. An on site presence at night should be able to live on the site rent free in exchange for this vaulable protection in exchange for a few hours of clean up / re-stocking around campus each day and I think there would be a line of qualified offers for the position. This should happen immediately.
      2. CLEAN HOUSE: In the early 90’s I worked for the San Dieguito Union School District. It’s now that well publicized, but periodically the school has closed bid auctions for their unneeded surplus. As I recently took the tour of PV which EUSD held, I noticed every single classroom was jam packed with school furniture and accessories. I would first encourage EUSD to hold a public closed bid auction that is well publicized in order to dispense of their unneeded materials so that a): They don’t have to take up valuable space elsewhere; and b): Clean up of the existing rooms can begin.
      3. CALL TO ORDER: Announce a public “Clean and Green” event to kick start the beautification of PV. I believe volunteerism in this city is vast and a lot of people love PV. Include announcements on flyers to business groups, churches and other local organizations. At the Clean & Green event, find out who may be willing to return in the future to contiue lending a hand – no matter how small the amount of time they provide could be.
      4. MATERIALS: Ask local businesses like Home Depot or Crown Ace Hardware if they’s like to sponsor a PV Clean & Green by donating paint, supplies or discounts in exchange for using their logo on all flyers and posters.
      5. REMODEL:. Tear down the existing awning in front of the 6 classrooms. It’s falling apart all on its own and is hazardous. I think it would cost a lot more to repair than it would to put a simple attractive canvas awning in its place. Ask city to waive permit fee – it’s theirs after all. See what construction workers or demolition crew might bid to raze it and haul it away.
      6. GREEN: At the 1st Clean and Green event, have volunteers tidy up the landscape; pulling weeds and bringing in succulents or other low maintenance plants. See what any landscaping business might be able to share.
      7. PREPARATION: The rooms I saw did not have leaky ceilings. The building is sound and newer than some of the other schools in town so should not require “earthquake retrofitting” as some will say (for whatever reasons). Once the interior of the rooms are painted and carpeted and/or tiled, they’ll be ready for use. There are very few broken windows although the one in front on the office stands out like a sore thumb.
      8. USAGE: Advertise the availability of classrooms for teachers to rent.
      9. INSPECTION. Make sure plumbing and electric are safe and functional.
      10. OPPORTUNITIES: Determine what each classroom should rent for by the hour. (Varying for whatever type of class the room is set up for).
      11. INCOME: Determine what fair percentage of a student’s cost for a class will go to the city.
      12. THE NET: Create a wing on the city’s website for all PV info.
      13. CONCESSION: When the cafeteria kitchen at PV is cleaned, advertise for a food concessions vendor (more income for the city). A portable cart could be used and stored right there.
      14. OLD CAFETERIA: Make an on site Art Gallery / Store. (to total 8 with the Kindergarten).
      15. PARKING: Determine where patrons will park and bike racks will be installed.
      16. OTHER INCOME: Ask the Encinitas 101 Mainstreet Association if they would like their Farmers Market to hold their weekly event at PV. Seems to me it would be a more desirable venue over all compared to the NCTD property with plenty of parking available. Depending on percentage of total income, I’m guessing the FM alone would bring in $3,000 to $4,000 per month for the city.
      17. OUTDOOR FURNITURE / SCULPTURE could eventually be make by artists
      18. CHOOSE A NAME. I like Pacific View Art Center, but am open to other titles including or limited to the name Pacific View.
      19. PORTABILITY: Design as much as possible to be portable or replace/reusable elsewhere on the property whenever reconstruction to all or part of PV.
      20. DESIGN CONTEST: Have architects / artist display their own vision for the future look and functionality of PV.

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      Julie Ann Stricklin

      I am so excited that the community has Pacific View back!I think the Pacific view would be a great hub for the community! You can have a weekly farmers market, a community garden, events like camping under the stars for kids, outdoor theater,music,lectures and speakers. The artists colony should have a room for a local central office and artist studios. You can have events like food truck parades and vintage car auctions. There should be a room for community events, adult education, a huge Halloween presence, chalk board art I the parking lot…the ideas are endless!! I am so happy for the community!!

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      Fred, your proposal needs a bit more detail– just kidding! What a great starting point and what cool, specific ideas. We should have known you’d have something this deep in you, since Pacific View has been a part of you for so many years.

      I’m looking forward to reading what others say about your plan.

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      Fred Caldwell

      Sorry for all the typo’s folks!! I blame a hasty stream of consciousness – or lack thereof. Maybe Scott will let me repost it and look smarter. Just don’t let any of my PV teachers see it!

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      Steve Barilotti

      Fred, I think you and I are on the same page, albeit you have a much longer page! But the main thing I hear is let’s not wait to get this going. The space and resources are already in place, albeit hidden behind some serious neglect. But I’ve seen some incredible retrofits of abandoned factories and warehouses into all kinds of cool event spaces for relatively little money. If there is will and creativity, all kinds of amazing things can happen.

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      Lynn Autumn

      One of the first things that should be done is that the excess blacktop should be removed that we citizens paid for, when the City leased Pacific View, effective December 1, 2003, and thereafter paved over the playing fields and playgrounds. The plan should be for 30% of the Pacific View, or .846 acre of the 2.82 acres site, to be open space, in perpetuity. This open space could include fields, and beautiful community gardens, which could offer an opportunity for horticulture and landscape design learning experiences, as well as provide a venue for small weddings on weekends, enhancing Pacific View’s revenue stream. While the blacktop is being removed, the former school grounds should remain closed to the public, but after that, when the community center is open to the public, the entire grounds should be open to the public during daylight hours.

      One or more of the classrooms could be converted to a studio/living space for an artist in residence/caretaker, with a minor use permit, through Planning. If a temporary trailer for a caretaker is allowed while the excess blacktop is being removed, and possibly while classrooms are being rehabbed, that seems like a good idea, but this arrangement shouldn’t be permanent. Parking space will be at a premium, as the case at Cottonwood Creek Park. That caretaker’s trailer is taking up three or four parking spaces. When there are special events at the park, that many more people have to park in the dirt on the east side of the RR tracks, and walk to the park. But it is a good idea to have security.

      Fred has a lot of excellent suggestions. However, at the enormous price the City is paying, I feel that the City should auction off the contents of the classrooms. Some of the contents could be useable at the envisioned arts and learning center, as well. So, no auction should be contemplated until there is a complete inventory and a decision as to what kind of desks, etc. will be required.

      I also think that there could possibly be a separate Saturday Farmers’ Market event at Pacific View. Also, the way it is divided, now, for the Sunday Farmers’ Markets at Paul Ecke Central School, one third of the rent from the vendors there goes to the PTA, one third goes to the Manager, Ron LaChance, and one third to Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association. I feel that the one third of the rent from vendors, which now goes to either Leucadia 101 for the Sunday Farmers’ Market or the one third that goes to Encinitas 101 for the Wednesday Farmer’s Markets, could instead go to a special fund for a revenue stream for Pacific View. All three of the 101 Mainstreet Associations are directly subsidized by the City, for at least $70,000, annually, in total. They also get subsidized by taxpayers and consumers through numerous citywide events such as the Street Fair, currently going on in Downtown Encinitas. I hope that L101MA and E101MA would be willing to help rehabilitate and maintain Pacific View by allowing a new contract to be drawn up for their Farmers’ Markets.

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      Judy A. Salinsky

      Fred your thoughts are amazing, your and Scott are voted President! Lynn, your thoughts about “cashing in” on the Farmers Markets to help fund, is right-on! Creating rental lockers and work areas for artist who are creating BIG projects could help too. Very Large sculptures that need “yard-space” in a secure area would be suitable in the parking area, charing by the squre foot.

      As we know the history of our little Encinitas, this dream can come true if we all stick together and have a plan that is as well organized as Fred’s & Scott’s ideas. Coming from the education world, my ideas are for after Pacific View gets “Cleaned-Up”. Let me know when you need an extra broom, I will be right there. YEAH!

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      Judy A. Salinsky

      Just another thought about the labor….
      Since so many “Locals” are here to support, would it be legally safe to ask for voluteers to get involved in the physical “tear-down” w/o someone trying to sue the organization?

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      Lynn Autumn

      Judy, my understanding is that if Pacific View is leased to a non-profit foundation, then volunteer work should be acceptable at all stages of rehab and maintenance. I believe a licensed contractor might need to oversee? To start, the main thing that would need to be demolished would be some of the excess blacktop, to create open space, and community gardens.

      A wonderful example of what can be accomplished for the community is Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s work with Habitat for Humanity …

      Thank you, also, for appreciating my suggestions about Encinitas Farmers’ Markets. I would volunteer to help with clean up, as well, once the rehab is underway!

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      Moku Farms

      Keep food involved to make it work financially and help put it on the map, food will draw people the the other artists. And not just any concession: a culinary kitchen, teaching the art of food, rotating chefs, training and serving organic-local and serving the culinary students and chefs of Encinitas, not a venue for the circuit vendors of farmer markets.

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      Lynn Autumn

      Thanks, Moku, keeping food involved in the arts and learning center is another wonderful idea. The idea of a venue for farmers’ markets at Pacific View might also work one day per week.

      But the two farmers’ markets Encinitas already already has, at Paul Ecke Central and in Downtown Encinitas, could each donate one third of their vendors’ rents received to the non-profit foundation that leases the arts and learning center. That would help provide another revenue stream, to repay the debt, and to support using organic-local foods, providing opportunities for teaching world-class culinary and horticulture arts.

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      Stephan Hall

      I am so proud of you Fred and everybody that stepped up to save our old elementary stomping grounds. Having attended that school from K-6 I have fond memories of that wonderful place. Like you I believe that a fix can be found to salvage this historic site and keep it in the community for generations to come. Every time I visit from North Carolina I find myself doing a drive by and reminiscing, what great times we shared together in our childhood.

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      Laurie Switzer

      thank you for sharing your ideas and for having a vision for a creative, vibrant,collaborative future for encinitas.

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