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      Al Rodbell

      I plan to write a more extensive article on my own website url, that should be up Wednesday AM, so this will be a preview.

      While this site did provide a link to the last council meeting, the one where the contract was discussed was the previous one, which I spoke on at 11:30 with specifics references to the contract that was about to be signed. That can be reached by the City Council Website video May 28 last item on drop down menu.

      Check out my more extensive discussion about the dynamics of this purchase mostly about realistic consequences that have never been aired in the enthusiasm for a broad Arts concept that could very well can never be achieved in this location. Of the various concepts that individuals may have one is a major performance space, something that will not be allowed by the State Coastal Commission, as the parking required would detract from accessibility to the beach.

      Other hazy vision have similar potential pitfalls that deserve a public hearing.

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      Moku Farms

      Roll up your sleeves and stop talking. I can’t even walk with my dog near Pacific View because the weeds full of burrs are thick and cover the sidewalk -I have photos from today.

      The Glass Company that occupies space, the City, the school district ESD, and Historical Society and anyone else who has used the space the past ten years…SHAME ON YOU…such a disgrace..THIRD WORLD corner of Encinitas, full of trash, electronic parts, old mattresses, and inside a pit of shame.

      PV’s soul is crying, it’s heart hurts, time to clean it up, give it some respect !

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