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      Robert Oshima

      I am a long time resident of Encinitas and am pleased at the City’s actions in saving the Pacific View Property. I am writing to ask you to consider the inclusion of a ceramic arts studio in the plan for the Pacific View property development. This would be consistent with the general plan of an art center and would meet several critical needs.

      1. There is currently a shortage of ceramic arts facilities available to Encinitas residents, particularly senior citizens. San Dieguito Adult education provides once weekly night classes using the facilities of San Dieguito High School, currently taught by Mr. Mike McClure. This is an excellent, long running introduction to ceramics and efficient utilization of facilities. However, the limited availability of this facility (2.5 hrs/week), restricts intermediate and advanced students from pursuing the art more seriously. In addition, the current facility is severely restricted in space due to temporary nature of the current studio and the primary purpose of serving daytime high school students.

      Mira Costa College provides two excellent classes in Ceramics 1 and 2, which Encinitas residents can access. However, again the primary propose of this studio, as it should be, is to served the full time college students. Adult students are restricted from taking these classes more than twice. Thus opportunity of instruction and utilizing the equipment and resources necessary for pottery and ceramic arts is limited for adults.

      No private studios that provide instruction and access to ceramics facilities are available in Encinitas o, as far as I know. Currently private facilities are available in San Marcos, Escondido and downtown San Diego but the distance is restrictive.

      2. A community arts center that included a ceramics studio could be used for both adult classes and individual use. A good example of such a studio is in the Sunnyvale Community Center in Northern California. Please see these links for more information.

      3. The financial support of such a studio could be ensured in several different ways. Economical studio space is difficult to find in Encinitas. For example one of the instructors for my current Mira Costa class, searched through north county and finally will locate in downtown San Diego. If the city property could be leased or rented at below current business rates, I am sure a professional artist could be identified to both run the studio, teach classes and generate their own work. It is the costs of potential studio space that restricts north country ceramic artists from locating in Encinitas. Alternatively a city partner could directly hire someone to oversee the studio, as apparently happens in Sunnyvale.

      I do not believe that having this resource would negatively impact enrollment in the current adult education class because it is geared toward beginners and those who attend after work.

      A Pacific View Ceramic Arts Studio would serve the needs of Encinitas residents, particularly senior citizens, act as a catalyst for art related actives at the site, attract visitors within walking distance from downtown, be financially self supporting and be harmonious with the neighborhood (I once lived on 4th steer).

      thank you for your consideration.

      Sincerely yours,

      Robert Oshima
      369 Ocean View Ave
      Encinitas, CA

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