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Joe Swoboda

Dear John Smith and company,

Reality – an essential topic. In spite of being an oft spoken word by my wife for what I don’t share with her, isn’t reality more a matter of history remembered and vision engendered, than a dollar value? Certainly there are practical needs in the city, but wouldn’t a long range vision, one in which the ideal is built in stages, address those needs? Shouldn’t money support and shape the essential reality rather than oppose it? I think the momentum behind support for making this property public is preserving something of the unique good Encinitas has been and creating its unique potential good for the future. Yes?

I grew up in Encinitas. My grandfather had one of the first general stores. My mom’s grade school picture and report card are displayed in the Old School House. She worked in the La Paloma in the year it opened. My mom (I got to have two) also founded and ran Marcie’s Flowers on 101 for many years. The Encinitas remembered and treasured is about the beautiful environment shared and enjoyed by its citizens, it hardy pioneers, its creative arts and, of course that included the commerce and aesthetic of flowers. Remembering Encinitas leads me to this view on a Performing Arts Theater.

The fine arts are an essential good for the community and I hope a view for the fine arts theater will include and broaden beyond performance. Musical, Theatrical, Handcraft, Visual and other arts should abound. Educational opportunities should abound. AND so should social arts! Communities all over have lost much of their potential for gathering citizens together. The Moonlight Beach summer concerts are great for this and I think that spirit of gathering citizens should be part of the essential plans for a performing arts center.

A civic community needs public spaces for gathering to celebrate the arts as well as to be informed by them. I hope planning will visualize a multi-year development not to merely gain performing arts, but to create a place of beauty and gathering which invites its use for bringing PEOPLE together. As I’m sure others also envision, I add my support for gardens, outside staging, classrooms and a superior design for gathering people who come to enjoy concerts and presentations, a place people will want to hang out in, be together in, enjoy relaxed time in.

These, I think are essential realities, in remembering and creating an Encinitas worthy of the Pacific View project.

Joe Swoboda, Escondido

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