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Dennis Coffey

Mr. Rodbell makes some very good points, but I still agree that the Encinitas City Council made the right move in nailing down this special piece of real estate that you can be sure developers were drooling over. Could the council have played hardball with the school district? Possibly, but at the risk of losing the property! Did Tim Baird behave like a bully? Definitely, and the voters should remember this when he is up for re-election. Could the council have taken more time to address all the negative issues discovered on the property before it was purchased? I don’t believe so, considering the time constraints of a pending auction. The alley easement was or should have been apparent to all prior to the purchase, as it’s been there for decades; however, should the council attempt to get some reimbursement for the asbestos and lead paint mitigation? Yes, if that is a legal option and one that will not risk nullifying the agreement.
I think we need to remember that Encinitas has retained an irreplaceable piece of property, and based on the estimated value of the properties around it, we did not overpay. The thing that does bother me is that this property really belonged to the community of Encinitas in the first place and had been donated as such. Tim Baird and the rest of the EUSD Board of Trustees, with the sole exception of Maureen Muir, took an adversarial role in the negotiations against the very community they serve. I hope the voters will remember. I know I will!

Dennis Coffey

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