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Toni Cook

I think Encinitas definitely needs a place for dance, music and art. I have attended quite a few performances at the Encinitas Library and I can tell you they are well attended but usually there is only one row of seats that has a decent view, that being the front row. People have to stand a lot or seat on the floor. Plus I would like to see an outdoor stage be part of any art center having just attended a concert at the Birch Aquarium on their outdoor patio with an ocean view – it was spectacular and very well attended. They call them Green Flash concerts.
Also, has anyone considered contacting Conrad Prebys to see if he would be interested in building an arts center. He has built a concert hall at UCSD and a student center at SDSU. Worth a try if you ask me. Definitely think there should be some educational aspect to the art center.

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