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John Smith

Dear Citizens for More Government

My street has holes big enough to hide in, this applies to most of our fair city as I believe the overlay program has gone away, and you want to raise taxes ( ie sales tax ) and float bonds for an art center and in the interim have a farmers market for 10 million dollars? What happened to being frugal Barth? less government and now this is what you want a bust of yourself or a plague, maybe a park bench.

You are not in touch with reality. This think tank has left the station Chatfield and these trains are in position for a head on collision right here in Encinitas. This however does not surprise me considering downtown does have the best streets, the nicest sidewalks and the tree’s are well groomed. You folks freeze salaries for the employee’s of the City of Encinitas and now you want an art center. Earth to Mars, there is no intelligent life here.
John Smith

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