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Patty Blackwell

Thank you Steve for your response, the liability and rules for a pubic parking facility in the downtown area would have to be investigated. The whole lot is fenced in which would be a plus for the security. Perhaps a monthly pass issued to the businesses for the employees who are not provided a parking space. This may not generate a large amount of income but it would be a start during the interim while the existing buildings are inspected and worked on to upgrade them for use.
As you stated a “Kickstarter” program to begin and involve the community and surrounding businesses. Parking in the area is one of the main problems for both the community and businesses in the area. I believe the businesses are to provide a parking space for every 300 square feet, these are for existing buildings and do not include new buildings.

As I stated there were quite a few business using the school site for parking and use. The City has been informed of this and the exact amount the Encinitas School District received would be a good indication of the income this could generate.

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