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Lynn Autumn

One of the first things that should be done is that the excess blacktop should be removed that we citizens paid for, when the City leased Pacific View, effective December 1, 2003, and thereafter paved over the playing fields and playgrounds. The plan should be for 30% of the Pacific View, or .846 acre of the 2.82 acres site, to be open space, in perpetuity. This open space could include fields, and beautiful community gardens, which could offer an opportunity for horticulture and landscape design learning experiences, as well as provide a venue for small weddings on weekends, enhancing Pacific View’s revenue stream. While the blacktop is being removed, the former school grounds should remain closed to the public, but after that, when the community center is open to the public, the entire grounds should be open to the public during daylight hours.

One or more of the classrooms could be converted to a studio/living space for an artist in residence/caretaker, with a minor use permit, through Planning. If a temporary trailer for a caretaker is allowed while the excess blacktop is being removed, and possibly while classrooms are being rehabbed, that seems like a good idea, but this arrangement shouldn’t be permanent. Parking space will be at a premium, as the case at Cottonwood Creek Park. That caretaker’s trailer is taking up three or four parking spaces. When there are special events at the park, that many more people have to park in the dirt on the east side of the RR tracks, and walk to the park. But it is a good idea to have security.

Fred has a lot of excellent suggestions. However, at the enormous price the City is paying, I feel that the City should auction off the contents of the classrooms. Some of the contents could be useable at the envisioned arts and learning center, as well. So, no auction should be contemplated until there is a complete inventory and a decision as to what kind of desks, etc. will be required.

I also think that there could possibly be a separate Saturday Farmers’ Market event at Pacific View. Also, the way it is divided, now, for the Sunday Farmers’ Markets at Paul Ecke Central School, one third of the rent from the vendors there goes to the PTA, one third goes to the Manager, Ron LaChance, and one third to Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association. I feel that the one third of the rent from vendors, which now goes to either Leucadia 101 for the Sunday Farmers’ Market or the one third that goes to Encinitas 101 for the Wednesday Farmer’s Markets, could instead go to a special fund for a revenue stream for Pacific View. All three of the 101 Mainstreet Associations are directly subsidized by the City, for at least $70,000, annually, in total. They also get subsidized by taxpayers and consumers through numerous citywide events such as the Street Fair, currently going on in Downtown Encinitas. I hope that L101MA and E101MA would be willing to help rehabilitate and maintain Pacific View by allowing a new contract to be drawn up for their Farmers’ Markets.

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