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Enthusiasm can obfuscate the kind of analysis that that initiator presents, but reality does impinge. I have heard from one person who owns an oceanfront home to the West, who has long favored the city buying this property, but suggested a row of dwellings would be an asset in a comprehensive plan that would generate considerable income. I had suggested we keep maximum zoning flexibility, also to include the option of moving the one room schoolhouse to the Historical Museum next to the Botanical Garden. This would enhance what would be a Museum-Botanical area, while giving full scope to an imaginitive ultimate project that could provide revenue along with a mix of functions. Since this site development is at least a few years in the future, we can have unanticipated imperatives at that time.

Parking on weekends is currently in short supply, so we should evaluate the soil for at least two levels for this purpose if we are to have a performance space. With such flexibility, this very well could provide an important asset to the community.

Al Rodbell

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