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Christian Marcotte

I also am in favor of using the building and property to provide a home for for various community groups. I would like to see some art elements but NOT just/mostly art. I want a community center for the downtown, something that becomes a social hub for the kid with after school programs and other families programs.

I want this to be a safe and inspiring place for children to hang out, share, learn
and play. A community garden that can be a model of backyard garden for everyone.
A place where you can lean how to plan, what to plant, when to plant/harvest etc… with classes. I want o see classes on “building your backyard chicken coop” and “raising your own chicken… fresh eggs!” and backyard beekeeping and lots of cool arts classes with clay (we should have some pottery turntables and the ability to glaze and fire up pieces). I can think of chess classes for kids and other for adults and a chess club, a D&D club (people still do that?), a photography club with classes, a lego building club a Arduino / Raspberry pi club, a maker club where we get together and discuss building projects big and small Making!

I’m talking about the MAKER movement. Expression of inner creativity in the material world. It is art with an expanded toolbox, using anything and everything to build and create things.
TED talk Katie Rast is the Director of Fab Lab San Diego on “the maker and education (methodology)”

In short, I would like to see pacific view become a center for sharing/learning/community and enjoyment at the heart of Encinitas.

Thanks again to all of you who helped make this happen!
– Christian

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